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Are you looking for some of the best offerings in frozen and refrigerated foods? You can be the first to check out the new items chillin’ in your grocer’s refrigerated and frozen aisles. Frozen & Refrigerated Food Council of Northern California is happy to present a list of the latest food items our members have to offer with links to their websites so you can further explore what is new.


Almond DREAM®

Almond DREAM® – It just might make you say goodbye to dairy ice cream and the extra fat and calories for good.

Padma’s Easy Exotic

Padma’s Easy Exotic – Fully cooked frozen rice and lentils.

Dreyer’s Frozen Custard

Dreyer’s Frozen Custard is rich, extra thick, and creamy and made with wholesome ingredients like fresh milk.

Arby’s, Hidden Valley Ranch, Red Robin

Arby’s, Hidden Valley Ranch, Red Robin – Bring home your favorite delicious Restaurant Fries.

13 Foods

13 Foods – Easy peasy frozen beans ready to toss into your favorite soups, scrambles, and salads. Simply beans. Protein rich Pardina! Lentils, Kabuli! Chickpeas, Tortuga! Black Beans, and Rojo! Red Beans.

Farm Rich Loaded Potato Skins

Farm Rich Loaded Potato Skins – Everybody’s favorite appetizer is now available right at home. These crispy Idaho potato skins are stuffed with 100% real Cheddar cheese and bacon and ready in minutes.

Stouffer’s Slow Cookers

Stouffer’s Slow Cookers – Just add the protein for a delicious homemade meal that’s ready when you are. Coming soon to your grocer’s freezer.

DiGiorno Pizza Buns

DiGiorno Pizza Buns – The perfect snack for any occasion – Coming soon to your grocer’s freezer.

Dreyer’s Outshine® Simply Yogurt Bars

Dreyer’s Outshine® Simply Yogurt Bars are made with simple ingredients – 100% yogurt and real fruit or fruit juice – blended together for deliciously creamy
frozen yogurt.

Rudi’s Organic Bakery®

Rudi’s Organic Bakery® is the leading producer of certified organic bread and baked goods in the U.S. We believe in living free – free of GMOs, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

New Morning Star Farms

New Morning Star Farms Veggie Bowls! – An easy to prepare, great tasting, light vegetarian cuisine with bold flavors and 10+ grams of protein! Good for you…Good for the world!


TRY NEW EAT! BRAND – Frozen Entrees Real Food Made by Real People with all Natural Chicken

Eating Well Frozen Meals

Enjoy New Eating Well Frozen Meals – Natural Chicken, 1 Full Cup of Veggies and nothing Artificial Gluten Free Recipes Available

Ben & Jerry’s Slices

Ben & Jerry’s Slices – It’s Ben & Jerry’s Any Way You Slice It!

Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods

Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods has delicious new Veggie Burgers and Hash Browns. Look out for these Non- GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegan items in your local freezer aisle.

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice – Simply Healthy & Delicious! Nothing Artificial, 100% Natural Chicken, 18-22 Grams of Protein, Clean Ingredients


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